Bayberry Wax Melt - 4 oz.
Bayberry Wax Melt - 4 oz.

Bayberry Wax Melt - 4 oz.

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This is an absolute luxury feeling Christmas scent.

It is blended with Fraser fir, pine, and balsam to keep Christmas more than merrier.  

You will be receiving a 4 oz pillow box of your favorite Bayberry wax melt.

Bayberry Scented Wax Melt is available seasonally. It is a great time to stock during the season.  

How to use:
Place a few waxes melt into a clean warmer dish. Warmer will melt the wax chips releasing fragrance into the air. When you are done, allow the wax to cool and harden for easy removal. Mix and match fragrances for custom blends.